Announcement - POSTED 02MAR19

-Beginning APRIL we are going to merge the Lil Giants with the Mat Giants. (See explanation below...)

-So, the start time will be 5pm-6pm. Class days will still be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

-Teen’s and Adult’s classes will remain unchanged. 

-Also, at the end of the kid/teen class we will incorporate a light exercise session.


A quick explanation, I knew when I was promoted that I would have to be more flexible to meet the mission requirements of my job. I didn’t foresee it happening so quickly but I was notified on Friday that they are going to rotate me to Nightshift in April for a season to serve as the work lead. 

Fortunately, I work for some great people and they are more than willing to let me do a modified shifts so that I can continue teaching Jiu Jitsu. 

So, I am merging our two kids classes to minimize how much time I have to split my shift. The teen’s and adult’s class times will not be affected.

Also, I want to incorporate a little exercise session for the kids at the end of each class to add a new, fun, flavor to the classes. This will help with coordination and kinesthetic awareness. Cally will run the exercise portion but I will be there to help.  The exercises will be Jiu Jitsu directed with movement and skill development as the focus. 

There will be no extra cost to this I am just filling you in on the direction we’re moving. 

Full disclosure- depending on how effective this feels we may keep the merge in place even when I come back to days.