The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood (JJB)

Nicolas Gregoriades - Founder JJB

About Nic

     Nicolas Gregoriades was the first person to be awarded the black belt by the legendary Roger Gracie. He is widely regarded as one of the outstanding jiu-jitsu instructors contributing to the art today. By combining deep conceptual and technical knowledge with a methodical, patient teaching style, Nic ensures all his students learn quickly and enjoyably.


    He began training in judo when he was seven years old and continued until he was 15. He restarted training in martial arts when he discovered submission grappling in 2000. In 2004 he moved to London and began training in the gi with his instructor, Roger Gracie.
    He has spent the last eight years living in London, where he trained and coached at the Roger Gracie Academy. During that time he also taught jiu-jitsu all over the world, including the United States, England, France, Denmark, Thailand, South Africa, Italy and Australia.

The Journey Never Ends

with Nic Gregoriades by Stuart Cooper:

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